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Dreaming of apple iPhone 6 ? Let`s listen to the speculations on the new features of the 6th generation iPhone. Even though the latest Iphone 5s has came out a couple of months ago, we still don't know when the Iphone 6 will come, but it will definteley come out. Time Magazine’s Techland declared that in all likelihood the iPhone 6 will be Cord free and this is a normal expectation as the inductive charging becomes more and more popular by the time. Indeed, inductive charging applies the principle of electromagnetic to charge the devices in a wireless way.

Last month, at the Worldwide Developers Conference it is announced that the fifth generation of iOS is capable of receiving any wirelessly updates. Some think about the wireless feature as it may lead to less e-waste.

No doubt, many people are not satisfied with the wireless feature as it may have a negative effect on the human hea

IPhone 6 Specs, Features, and Predictions02:28

IPhone 6 Specs, Features, and Predictions

lth. All of us hope that Apple has made the entire necessary search on the e

ffect of wireless devices on the human health on the long term base. Jackie er hot.

Definitely, we have the right to ask more and to tell our doubts about this issue. What will be the effect by putting millions of phones and laptops that apply this principle of electromagnetic? Surely, the effect will include both Apple products owner and the others who are apart from any devices.

And this is news from Wall Street Journal which told that Apple is making internal testing on a new way of charging the phone, and they think of eco-innovations and a solar-powered charger, a kinetic charger or even no charger at all.

Let`s continue talking about the futuristic features of the iPhone 6. The coming version of iPhone will be lighter and slimmer. The camera will be received many improvements. Apple Iphone 61 may 2014.

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